Goods Lifts / Cage Lift / Material Lift / Hoist Lift (FLP & NON FLP)

Industrial Lift Manufacturers

We manufacture premium range of Goods / Cage lift. It is fabricated by using high grade raw material and comply with international standards of the industry. In order to cater to the demands of varied customers, we also offer the facility of customization.

Salient features :


  • ➣ Compact design
  • ➣ Low in weight
  • ➣ Simple to operate
  • ➣ Less Maintenance

Overview :

Capacity & Size: As requested by customer


  • ➣ Safety Operation
  • ➣ Fast movement
  • ➣ Noise Free Operation
  • ➣ Low Energy Consumption
  • ➣ Easy to Free maintenance.
  • ➣ Space Efficient Goods Lift. Proven Reliability & Durability.
  • ➣ The Design is specially designed to Suite the customer’s Requirements’.
  • ➣ Easy Loading & Unloading Features.
  • ➣ CMRI Certification for FLP Goods lift.

This Type of lifts is suitable for Lift Shaft / Lift Well /wall type canopy as well as self-Supporting steel structure. For a well-engineered installation, the choice of Goods Lift / Cage Lift requires a close consideration of such factors such as size, weight of the materials to be transported, the method of handling etc. Directly and indirectly the results of properly planned Goods Lift / Cage Lift show up in increased material handled volume and greater earning power.

HHCI has unique arrangement of providing four guides for balanced loading & efficient drive. The goods lift is being operated by push button station fixed outside the cage on respective floors. The landing doors are provided with mechanical and electrical locking arrangement. While Cage door is provided with electrical interlocking Hence unless Cage and landing doors are closed properly lift cannot be started. Additional Rotary limit switch is provided on Rope Drum End shaft; besides gravity limit switch is provided for extra safety.

In case of failure of floor Level Limit switch at Gr. Floor ,Rotary Limit switch comes into operation also for over hoisting gravity limit switch is provided , power to motor gets cut off by gravity limit switch upon over traveling of the cage. Every single rope is having rated capacity with min. 6 F.S. which in four fall construction will provide four times the required F.S.


Material Used: The cage is made of rolled steel sections and sides are covered with bumped sheets. Sides & Ceiling is provided with segmented interlock panels which are welded from outside which provide rigidity & strength to bear the impact while loading and unloading of material Cage top is covered with M.S. Sheets and bottom is covered with ms Chequered plate. Collapsible doors are provided on cage as per entry and exit position.

The cage is being guided with Guide Shoes on ‘T’guide rail. Guide Shoes are provided to ensure that the cage travel remains in perfect true vertical direction.

Flameproof Goods Lifts / Cage Lifts

HHCI Specialize in Goods lifts suitable for hazardous area gas groups I, IIA, IIB, & IIC along with all the electrical duty certified by Central Mining Research institute Dhanbad. We are one of the recognized organizations engaged in manufacturing, supplying Flame Proof Goods Lift. This Type Goods Lift is suitable to be installed in various fire prone industries such as oil & gas refineries, defence areas and chemical industries. The flame resistant Goods Lift we are offering is equipped with fire proof materials which are obtained at our end from the trusted vendors of the market.. Our Flame Proof Goods lift is useful in carrying heavy loads from one floor to another with safety from flame.


Safety is Priority for HHCI: The floor doors are provided with mechanical and electrical locking arrangement. Hence unless floor door is closed properly lift cannot be started. Additional gravity limits switch & Rotary Limit switch is provided for extra safety. In case of failure of Floor limit switch (Top floor & Ground floor) Rotary Limit Switch comes into Operation. In case of failure of Rotary Limit switch Gravity Limit switch comes into operation. Power will be cut off by gravity limit switch upon over traveling of the cage.(Avoid impact Cage on Machine)